DJ Paradime

CIAA 2017 Line-Up

First off I want to say THANK YOU.

This goes out to everyone that has followed me throughout the years of my djing career from the small venues to the largest venues where 3,000 people showed up to party in Bank of America.

My dj career has been amazing and I owe it all to you, you helped tell promoters who you thought would be the best fit, you helped by listening to my music, and I APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH .

We got a lot planned from February 22nd (Wednesday)- (Sunday) 26th

I will be giving away a bunch of stuff like VIP tickets, mixes and some dope Naps Tees.

All you have to do is follow me on instagram @djparadime and leave your @ and tell me which party you wanna be at, I will DM you if you won. Thanks so much for all the love. God Bless!

Wednesday Night @ Suite Charlotte – College Night w/ @babyJesus704

Thursday Night @ Vapiano’s w/ Dj Lonnie B and Dj Biggs (@eddietainment)

Friday Night @ Suite Charlotte w/ OT Genasis

Saturday Day @ (12pm-3pm)  @ Vault Located in the Epicentre

(3pm-6pm) @ Enso Located in the Epicentre

Saturday Night @ Sports One

It’s too many flyers to post but here are some…. you can follow everything on my Instagram @djparadime


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