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CIAA 2016. Change The Game.


If I leave, the fans still gonna love me? – Mitch.

I make these funny flyers because I love to market myself differently, and because I love for people to genuinely be happy and laugh. Life is too serious, if you not having fun at a party, that’s really your fault.  Only you can change.

CIAA has been a roller coaster ride for me from being the opening dj for my mentors and other djs to headlining the biggest parties of CIAA.

I can’t lie I have been blessed, but I also see where the game has been changing for years, if you follow me on twitter, then you probably read my tweets on how the dj game is changing.

When you learn something or change for yourself, some will say “you sold-out”. You stay the same, some will say “he’s always been the same”

Once you see the shift, you gotta change.


Wednesday Night @ Suite – Level Wednesdays w/ F.L.Y.

Thursday Night @ StacheHouse

Friday Day @ The Roxbury w/ DJ MC / 1-3pm

Friday Day @ Tequila House on 5th Street 3pm-7pm

Friday Night @ Bubble  (Epicentre) Hosted By French Montana

Saturday Brunch @ The Ritz- Carlton 11am-3pm

Saturday Day @ StasheHouse Hosted By Brittany Renner  4pm-8pm

Saturday Night @ Suite (Epicentre) Hosted By Young Dolph


I will be giving away free tickets for all my CIAA Events soon, stay tuned on how to win.

Peace everyone!