DJ Paradime

Dime Radio iPhone App – DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!



Greetings Everyone!

I hope everyone has been well, I have been really busy working on this and I am excited to bring you my newest musical project, Dime Radio App for iPhone !

Dime Radio is completely FREE! Just download to your iPhone and listen to all types of current podcast and mixes on the go! Mixes from the best Dj’s everywhere! All type of podcast and mixes will be uploaded weekly for music lovers of all genres!

Download Dime Radio from the App Store on your iPhone! Just choose what genre or mix you want to listen to a play! Like Pandora, without pauses and ads!

Listen to mixes and podcasts on the go in the car / at the gym/ wherever whenever!

NEW MIXES UP! From DJ Skillz / DJ Forge / DJ Apple Jack and more!

Best of Michael Jackson / Best of Ryan Leslie / Best of J. Dilla ….. all up for the listening!

Version 2 will be out with more updates to Dime Radio soon! Please Instagram what your listening to and @DJParadime so we can post it! Thanks


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