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King Mez – Long Live The King . FREE ALBUM

King Mez #LLTK

King Mez #LLTK


With past releases like My Everlasting Zeal and The King’s Khrysis, King Mez has proven himself as one of the foremost emerging artists in North Carolina underground hip-hop.

Now, the unsigned buzzmaker has returned with a digital full-length sure to prolong his reign over the First in Flight State scene. Long Live the King consists of 12 original jams, none of which have previously been featured on our pages. “Morris” will be released as the project’s first single.

Kaisle Grai, Sonny Base, Sonya Teclai and Tanya Reshay make guest appearances throughout the set, which packs production from Commissioner Gordon, Deputy, !llmind and Ishi, as well as boardwork by the artist himself.


Pharrell Girls x DJ Paradime

I wish….haha! I hope you all have been doing wel and keeping up with this crazy weather, especially if you are in NC.
Buuuuuuut since you stopped by check out my newest EPK Wrap-up Video, doing some more cool stuff this upcoming month with my sponsors over @FludWatches

Peace and Love Everyone!

Dime x Suite Saturdays.


What a weekend, CIAA 2014 what can I say. Classic weekend, great turn outs and great parties. This Saturday I will be @SuiteCharlotte / Suite in the Epicentre. Hit me up to get on my list! @


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I been getting a lot of questions about why I’m not doing the biggest parties this year and also been hearing maybe Paradime has lost the juice to command the parties and the crowds that he did a year ago.

To be honest I chose to do smaller venues this year, I wanted to get back to focusing on giving the people a party without breaking their pockets. I am tired of people thinking that they have to “pay a months worth of rent” to party, just to “attempt” to take some blurry pictures of some “high paid rapper or actor” while they drink and pay no attention to you.

With that being sad, I will be djing smaller venues and BETTER PARTIES. So make your own experience, enjoy YOURSELF, enjoy YOUR FRIENDS. Come and take pictures of your own lives and remember how great times were YEARS from now.

I will be giving away a ton of tickets to all my parties, please click the ENTER TO WIN tab on IAmCIAA and enter to win.

Thanks to EVERYONE WHO HAS SUPPORTED ME AND MY MUSICAL JOURNEY! I will continue to push on and do my best to keep the positivity going!

CIAA 2014 Schedule Coming soon!

Coming to America Special Collector's Edition DVD

Coming soon! CIAA 2014 Party Line-up! From Monday-Saturday, all new companies, all new venues, all new tricks!

I will be releasing full details on my CIAA site Thursday. Peace and Blessings and stay warm!

KarmaLoop TV – Lunch Break Tour

Karmaloop TV

Greetings everyone and Happy New Year! I hope all is well and that you are having a positive start in the new year. I am teaming up with Tuff Tunezz & Karmaloop TV for the LunchBreak Tour! Come and get some lunch, listen to me spin records and get some free stuff!

January 13th, 12-2pm @ Estate Boutique in Raleigh (300 W. Hargett St.)
Check the flyer for all the details

Hit me up for more info!


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